My First Post 18th May 2017

Hi Folks! 
For my first post on my blog I thought I would introduce myself a little. I want to use my blog as a place to document exciting events in my world and new adventures that I go on. I have got its of different ideas on what I want to include on my little blog but to be honest with you, I don't know where to start! I have always wanted to write one. I even brought myself a Mac book, because I thought it would feel great to write a blog on a mac; three years down the line with my mac- still no sign of blog writing. Until now! 

I was inspired by one of my old school friends; who writes her own blog and I really enjoy reading her posts. So thank you. This is the link to her blog:

I know! Lets have a bit of a brain storming sesh! and come up with some elements that I would like to include on my blog pages:

Creative Page

Here I want to include many different aspects of my creative world. I want to get you all involved along the way. Not just document what i am up to, but some how to guides on how you can create some of the creations I create!. For example- I love making paper flowers (Currently making them for my wedding) I also enjoy cross stitch, Drawing, Nail Art, Keyboard Playing and Songwriting- to just name a few areas. So if there is anything there, you want to see and get involved in; this is the place for you!

Review Page

Here I thought I would review some of my favourite things in life! Such as Books, Movies and Music

Youtube Page

Here I will link to my youtube channel! where I film crazy little videos every now and then 

Holiday Adventure Page

I will be able to document my adventures around the world

Helly On The Telly Page

I love going on TV and this page will be dedicated to posts relating to little me going on TV! I have been on quite a few programs already; so it will be good for me document my experiences and years to come I can look back and see all the experiences I have. 

Thank you for stopping by! If you enjoyed my first post please follow me or come say hey and leave me a comment or two! i would love to hear from you guys out there. 

Much Loves 

          Helly xox